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Rolex Sponsored “The Championships, Wimbledon 2016”
勞力士特約 《溫布頓網球錦標賽2016》

Client: Rolex

The Championships, Wimbledon 2016 mini-site was built to update the news of the event, which was held from 27 June to 10 July 2016 in London.


SFC Sponsored “Smart on Bonds” Webcast
證監會特約 《智談債券》網上專訪系列

Client: Securities and Future Commission

“Smart on Bonds” webcast covered the interviews of market professionals, discussing topical issues on bond investing.

Sample Videos

Title: 辨別債券與債券基金
Duration: 6:33
Title: 債券的利率及流通風險
Duration: 5:21
Title: 投資債券 先做功課
Duration: 4:46
Title: 了解債券在投資組合的作用
Duration: 5:59

MSIG Sponsored Public Education
MSIG特約 生活保障面面觀

Client: MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited

Travel Insurance Series (精明旅遊有法保)

Sample Videos

Title: 旅遊患病怎麼辦
Duration: 1:51
Title: 旅行跌壞相機有無得保
Duration: 2:10
Title: 生活意外有法保
Duration: 1:49
Title: 生活意外有法保
Duration: 2:28
Title: 安居自在有法保
Duration: 2:33
Title: 安居自在有法保
Duration: 2:00

Clinique Sponsored Fall Winter Skincare Tips
Clinique特約 秋冬護膚貼士

Client: Clinique Hong Kong

Ms. Priscilla Mui of Clinique’s Education Manager shared the tips of fall winter skincare and skin anti-aging.

Sample Videos

Title: 對抗游離基新法
Duration: 1:31
Title: 債皮膚老化的成因
Duration: 2:04
Title: 基本秋冬護膚貼士
Duration: 1:44

Nikon Digital Camera Sponsored Online Photography Tutorial
尼康數碼相機特約 - 拍出專業多國度

Client: Nikon Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Benny Li shared the tips of photography and the funs in his trips.

Sample Videos

Title: 中國上海杭州-桃紅柳綠
Duration: 3:31
Title: 日本九州-天滿宮賞櫻花
Duration: 2:50
Title: 柬埔寨-大吳哥城女王宮
Duration: 4:08
Title: 迪拜行-波斯灣邊捕捉日落
Duration: 2:16

Nikon Digital Camera Sponsored Benny Li’s World Tour
尼康數碼相機特約 - 李純恩帶你遊世界

Client: Nikon Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Benny Li shared his tips in travelling around the world.

Sample Videos

Title: 遊世界 - 中國
Duration: 7:01
Title: 遊世界 - 日本
Duration: 1:05
Title: 遊世界 - 亞洲
Duration: 1:12
Title: 遊世界 - 阿聯酋
Duration: 5:35
Title: 遊世界 - 澳洲
Duration: 2:58

Ricoh Sponsored Japan Environmental Trip
理光特約 日本環保之旅

Client: Ricoh Hong Kong Limited

The program showed how the Japanese from large enterprise to citizen in promoting environmental protection in Japan

Sample Videos

Title: 廢物處理的學問
Duration: 5:42
Title: 循環再用 灌溉綠色生活
Duration: 6:23
Title: 優化環境 減碳有辦法
Duration: 5:53