2016 'A Letter to My Family' SHKP Book Review Competition


Type: Date: Category: Target: Sponsor:
Competition 24 March - 31 May 2016 Education General Public Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP)

Help the client to promote reading and holistic development by encouraging Hongkongers to read more books. and encouraging people, especially the young, to share their thoughts on reading in the form of letters to family.

The Competition encourages people, especially the young, to tell family and friends what they feel about reading and to show their love and care through letters. It offers a way for entrants to enrich their lives and improve communication and relationships with their family, relatives and friends. There are 3 groups in the competition, i.e. junior, intermediate and open groups. We have invtied 9 judges in the competition, 文灼非, 何萬博士, 張國華博士, 黃錢其濂太平紳士, 練美兒教授, 賴子文校長, 韓麗珠, 羅乃萱太平紳士, Ming Pao and the client's representatives.

By using an integrated marketing solutions in print and digital channels, especially in Facebook, we totally reached 1.5 million people, 6,500 likes and share our posts in Facebook. We also invite 王貽興, 林一峰, 林二汶 to write letters to their family and friends, and share through their Facebook fans page to promote the competition to their fans. A video was produced to narrate a life stories with 20 recommended books for participants and 10,000 people viewed in Facebook.